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Every year, the Observatory against Homophobia (OCH) is responsible for carrying out a study on the state of LGBTI people in Catalonia. This study aims to show through verifiable facts (data) the state of LGBTI in our country.

In the links below you can view the detailed reports on the State of the LGBTI in recent years.




  • State observatory Networks against hate

Developed by FELGTBI alongside the Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia.
They have the Línia Arcoiris which is focused on the attention to people and families a
issues relating to hate crimes.

913 604 605
676 785 830

  • Spanish Observatory against LGTBphobia

It tries to facilitate reporting by informing how, when and where to report when someone is the victim of an incident due to LGTBphobia. Have an incident log.

661 004 689



  • Andalusian Observatory against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

The Andalusian Observatory assists victims of LGTBphobia and provides legal advice by studying the case and accompanying the victim in the reporting process. they also provide psychological assistance to the people who have suffered the aggression. The organization carries out actions and campaigns both in social networks and in the media of awareness and training for the detection of violence, hatred and discrimination; awareness courses such as Hate Crimes and LGTBIphobia, Rights of LGTBI people and current challenges, Sexual, family and gender diversity. The Andalusian Observatory has an online reporting system that connects with the Andalusian authorities. They store, anonymously, these incidents for the preparation of annual reports of LGTBphobia.
653 826 823
951 003 814 

  • Observatory against LGTBIphobia CG (Cádiz)

The main objective is to assist victims of hate crimes, providing them with legal advice and psychological care. It has an online reporting system that registers and analyzes the data collected. The Observatory of the Gibraltar countryside also carries out awareness and training campaigns related to sexual diversity, LGBTphobia, family and gender. 625 32 11 04


  • Observatorio Aragonés against discrimination by sexual orientation, expression e
    gender identity

The Observatory of Aragon is a body for participation and consultation in matters of
rights of LGTBI groups represented by entities, public administrations
Aragonese related to equality, social agents, professional associations,
social entities and the University of Zaragoza. It is dependent on the Government of Aragon and the Aragonese Office against discrimination.
687 189 069


  • Asturian Observatory against LGTBIphobia


Created by decree by the Governing Council of the Principality of Asturias, it serves as a forum for
consultation and participation on LGBTI rights. Its mission is to advance the fight against the
LGTBIphobia through cooperation between the institutions and organizations involved. The
Observatori attends to inquiries, proposes action proposals and carries out advisory tasks to combat discrimination.

635 178 634


Canary Islands

  • Canary LGBTI Observatory

Developed from Algarabia (Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans and Intersexuals of the Canaries). The Canary Observatory collects data on the situation of LGTBIphobia in the Canary Islands and offers a comprehensive assistance service to the victim with a team specialized in advocacy, psychology and social work. He also works on training and raising awareness among groups and social agents on affective-sexual diversity and LGTBphobia.

601 266 376 / 922 882 188


Castilla-La Mancha

  • Observatory against LGTBIphobia of Castilla-La Mancha


The Manx Observatory was created by Wado (LGTBI+ Association of Castilla-La Mancha) and functions as a tool for information, awareness and advice towards LGTBI people and entities. Count on a Guard Service for attention and for emotional support with psychologists.



  • Valencian Observatory against LGTBphobia

The Valencian Observatory offers legal and psychological services to those who have suffered LGTBphobic aggression. They also offer training to professionals for the detection of violence, hatred and discrimination.

966 445 621 / 667 887 447



  • Observatorio Extremeño against Discrimination by Sexual Orientation and Identity
    of Gender

Created and directed by the Ministry of Culture and Equality of Extremadura. The function of
Observatori Extremadura is the preparation of reports on the situation of LGTBphobia in the
region and analysis and conclusions on the work of the LGTBI Law of Extremadura



  • Coruñés Observatory against LGTBIphobia

It is a project of ALAS A Coruña and its objective is to record the assaults that occur in the region, accompanying the victims at all times and legal advice. The Coruñés Observatory also offers training on affective-sexual diversity to public administrations, security bodies and forces, educational centers and civil society.

622 072 940

  • Galician Observatory against Discrimination by Sexual Orientation and Identity

Body made up of representatives of the Galician government, Fegamp, trade unions, universities,
employers and organizations representing the rights of the LGBTI group in Galicia. The Minister for Employment and Equality wants the Observatory to make a real commitment to the defense of LGTBI rights. The Galician Observatory is a collegiate, consultative and social participation body of the Xunta.


  • Observatory against LGTBphobia Julio y Al Dani de Vigo

Created by the PVLSE entity of Vigo.



  • Madrid observatory against LGTBphobia

Project developed by Arcòpoli. Its function is to register and report hate crimes that arise in the Community of Madrid. The Madrid Observatory accompanies the victim psychologically and legally since the attack. 618547166



  • Regional Observatory against Discrimination by Sexual Orientation and Identity
    of Gender

Department of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy of Murcia Its role is to carry out studies of the main problems regarding the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people, to make proposals in the field of public policies and as an advisory .



In creation at the LGTBI Center of Pamplona, Harrotu.



  • LGBT+ Observatory of Vitoria-Gasteiz Ikusgune

It is a project developed by Lumagorri ZAT in collaboration with the city council of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Ikusgune collects data on incidents and events that have to do with hate crimes and discrimination against the LGBTI community. They have a complaint section, in which they accompany the person in a legal way and which collect the facts in a complete way.

633 309 653

  • Basque LGBTI Observatory

Aldarte, AMPGYL, Bizigay, Errespetuz, Gaylespol, Gitu, Izanez, LGTBerri and Naizen create the Vasco Observatory.
LGBTI Observatory of Donosti
Created by the plenum of the Donosti City Council at the proposal of Elkarrekin Podemos. The functions of the Observatory in Donostia are to advise, accompany and collect data on LGTBphobic incidents in the city.



  • Observatorio Melillense against Odio LGTBfóbico

Created by AMLEGA (Melilla Association of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals). The OMCEOL aims to collect data and attend to victims who suffer discrimination by

951 636 555
744 613 184

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